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Upper and Lower Eyelids

Upper and Lower Eyelids

The clock of life cannot be stopped: as the years go by certain changes take place in the human body, which arise not only from hereditary characteristics but also from additional factors, such as exposure to light and sun, nutrition and smoking.

Upper and Lower Eyelids

The changes that the human body undergoes are also expressed in what is customarily referred to as the “window to the soul” – the eyes. As the years go by, there develop excesses of loose skin in the area of the eyes, wrinkles and loosening of the enveloping tissue and structures which cause fat surrounding the eyes to stand out and appear as “bags of fat”. The result: the appearance of tired eyes which give the face a general aged appearance.

This is exactly where eyelid surgery comes in to the picture: eyelid surgery is considered a common and relatively easy surgery, which returns the natural, youthful and refreshed appearance to the eyes.

You are welcome to look at the variety of results of Dr. Zeligson’s surgeries in the picture gallery of eyelid surgeries.