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Liposuction surgery is intended to tone various areas of the body, where there is an excess of fat tissue that is not proportional to the rest of the body. Most of the liposuction surgeries are performed in the abdominal area, waist and thighs, although often the fat deposits may be located in other areas, such as: the neck, back of the neck, inner knee, back, chest and others.

Those seeking this surgery report that despite intense physical activity, diet and substantial reduction in weight, there still remain areas that are “full” in their eyes and they are not successful in “getting rid” of the disproportionate appearance.

Liposuction performed professionally and with skill achieves, in most cases, an impressive result with a natural look: a more toned body and with good proportions.

Many patients are tempted to attribute much importance to the type of machine used for the liposuction and words such as “laser”, “fat melting”, “local anesthesia” and the like, cause them to perform various procedures. It is very important to emphasize that the hand which operates the liposuction machine is no less important and even more important than the type of machine with which the liposuction is performed. I recommend you to view the great variety of results of Dr. Zeligson’s surgeries in the liposuction gallery and the tummy tuck and liposuction gallery.