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Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation

הגדלת חזה

Full and beautifully shaped breasts which integrate harmoniously with the shape of the body of a woman contribute greatly to femininity, sexuality and self-confidence.

Breast enhancement, is undoubtedly the most common and requested surgery among all the plastic surgeries. The surgery is suitable for most women of various ages: young women with underdeveloped breasts or with relatively small breasts who seek to achieve an appearance of a full chest, women after pregnancy and birth who suffer from an appearance of breasts which have lost their volume and have a “deflated” appearance, and women who have unaesthetic breasts which need sculpting, such as tubular shaped breasts.  

Dr. Gil’s aspiration in this surgery is to shape a chest with an aesthetic, full and most natural appearance, which will not allow anyone to notice that the women underwent breast enhancement surgery. It is recommended to visit the before and after picture gallery for breast enhancements, and to note the natural shape of the breasts.