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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

ציור של מטופלת לאחר שעברה מתיחת בטן א דר זליגסוןTummy Tucks are intended to shape the wall of the abdomen and provide it with a youthful and toned look.

The surgery is intended for patients who are suffering from excess skin and fat in the abdominal wall as well as weak muscles of the abdominal wall.
With the goal of obtaining the best result Dr. Zeligson stresses the following points:
a. Hidden location of scars caused by the surgery, by: 1. Lowering of the lower scar in such a way as to be hidden by underwear worn even lower than usual. 2. Hiding the scar in the belly button, such that it will be more difficult to notice.
b. Maximal tightening of the abdominal wall to achieve flattening of the abdomen and emphasize the curvature of the waist (“hips”).
c. Integration of liposuction as necessary to improve the final result.
There are unfathomable differences between the outcomes by different surgeons for this surgery. It is recommended to view the many outcomes of Dr. Zeligson’s surgeries in the tummy tuck gallery.