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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast Lift

The many years gone by, pregnancies, breast feeding, changes in body weight, gravity, hormonal changes and of course genetics – there are many reasons which lead to a change of the original shape of the female chest. This unpleasant result is a phenomenon known as “drooping breasts” or “sagging breasts”. This phenomenon, as well as the phenomenon of breasts spread very widely apart or unaesthetic nipples can be solved by breast lift surgery.

Breast lift surgery includes removal of excess skin from the breast, tightening of the enveloping skin for the purpose of lifting the breast and its repositioning, as well as reshaping the breast (including reduction of the areola).

Sometimes a breast lift is not enough and the missing volume has to be replaced by the insertion of a silicon implant, for the correction of the sagging appearance and attaining a natural look of full and good looking breasts. The type of implant (round or anatomic) and the volume will be determined together with the patient and according to the shape and size of the breasts and rib cage.  

It is recommended to view the gallery of breast lift pictures and note Dr. Zeligson’s outcomes for these surgeries.